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Since we announced the open call of the Community Currency Accelerator in the beginning of August we have been overwhelmed by all the great proposals made in our Forum. Today we are happy to announce the participants to take part in the Community Currency Accelerator. We at the Community Currency Alliance will do our best to get involved hands-on with each of the selected endeavors to help bring the proposed ideas into reality. We have selected projects and contributors within the categories of education, infrastructure and legal framework.

🎓  Education

1# Narrative & Storytelling

  • Who: Brett Scott
  • What: This pertains to defining and constructing a narrative which frames the imagination of what an alternative monetary paradigm could bring about, their potentialities and differences with the hegemonic system.
  • Why: Because we need to make a case for the general audience that community currencies are important and needed, especially given the precarity caused by the current economic crisis.
  • Grant: 1000 USD

2# Communication & Education

  • Who: Jessicca Zartler
  • What: Communication work is a big part of what we do in order to bring together different community currency projects and find common working paths forward. We want to make sure we have clear communication channels for people and subgroups at the CCA in order to cooperate smoothly, feel supported and avoid the tyranny present in many (online) groups today.
  • Why: Because it is extremely important to support those who support others in their work. We believe all work is of value and do not wish to make any of it invisible by creating a hierarchy between “soft” and “hard” work. Given our limited resources and being compassionate about our capacities, we want to make sure that even the work that is not remunerated in euros is seen and valued by the communities who it supports.
  • Grant: 1000 USD

3# Research best practices

  • Who: Sanel, Valentin, Jakub
  • What: This research focused group focuses on the production of knowledge about money in all its forms and functions, the theories which underpin it, as well as the designs that implement them in different parts of the world. Whether it’s constructing a grammar of currency designs, modelling of currency systems or the writing of academic papers, this group should be broad enough to fit critical studies on community currencies in action.
  • Why: In order to have legitimacy within different sectors of society, it is important our claims can be backed by science. We aim to bring the best minds in the space to bridge the activism-academic divide and produce relevant knowledge for the future which helps us in our goals of taking care of and managing the commons.
  • Grant: 1000 USD

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📱 Infrastructure

4# Community Currency Potluck

  • Who: Will, Amir, Dong-Ha
  • What: The purpose of this group is to start practical, hands on collaboration between the different people and groups represented within the CCA and anybody else interested in learning hands-on about how Grassroots Economics’ Community Inclusion Currencies (CICs) work. This group’s purpose is to build the infrastructure for the community currency potluck, a place where different needs and resources are matched and collaboration can continue between different people, their skill sets and the projects they would like to get funding for in the future via the CIC and bonding curve protocol.
  • Why: We need a concrete way in which different community currency projects can exchange with each other “internally”. In other words, to make a currency for community currency practitioners and use it to exchange between them, given the incentives of CICs. The purpose is to build in-practice collaborative action in the different domains of our work and have a setting where we can scale our efforts in the future.
  • Grant: 3000 USD

5# Core Software Resources

  • Who: Emin Durak
  • What: Making sure that the Community Currency Alliance has the necessary software resources online to support effective education, coordination and governance to mobilize efficiently and transparently.
  • Why: Without online resources to coordinate and share our work with the rest of the world we will never truly achieve to make an open-source accessible community currency ecosystem.
  • Grant: 1000 USD

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📖 Framework

  • What: This group builds upon the great work done by Community Currencies in Action, in order to provide currency projects with creative legal frameworks in which the projects can live and be sustainable overtime, taking into consideration the hurdles of VAT tax and other potential legal limitations of current nation-state frameworks.
  • Why: Because it is something most projects think about the least and has a great bearing over time if we want to make our efforts scale. We need to provide answers and frameworks for regulators in order to create an ecology that benefits the users and does not hinder their incentives for the uptake of our systems.
  • Who: Enrique, Santiago, Chris, Luis, Leander
  • Grant: 1000 USD

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